About Us

We’re newlyweds getting ready to continue an adventure started in Antigua, Guatemala!

Both Loren and Salem are graduates of Northern Michigan University: Loren with a degree in History, Geography and Secondary Education; Salem with a degree in Elementary Education, Spanish and Language Arts.

We are both teachers at Colegio Boston Bilingual School in Antigua, Guatemala. We came to Antigua in January for Salem’s student teaching, returned to the U.S. in April, and then returned to Antigua in July when Salem was offered a job. Upon our return, Loren worked at a travel agency and hostel until he was offered a job at Salem’s school in August. Salem teaches English in Preperatoria which is for five and six year-olds. Loren teaches three different groups in the Secondary (two classes of secretary students and one class of college prep students).

Our wedding was October 16, 2010…we are very excited to celebrate our first anniversary here in Guatemala!


One response

  1. Louise Sonderfan

    Happy Anniversary, Loren and Salem. We wish you many more. Hoping to see you while you are in MI. Enjoy your time with family and in cold weather. Would you please verify your e-mail to me – I couldn’t get any message to “go” using old one or new one. 😦 Love, Grandma S

    October 16, 2011 at 12:34 pm

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