Finishing Up–Salem

We’re finishing up the school year here in Antigua. We had school cancelled today for rain, a holiday tomorrow, and my last day with students on Friday. Loren had his last day with students a week ago, but I had an extra week because they do a school play with the primary kids. The theme is Disney party and we had to come up with a dance to a Disney song. We are doing Rio, which I have never seen, but it’s a cute dance.

In other news, we have moved into the hostel for the last few weeks to be closer to Antigua. It’s been nice. We get a great breakfast and lunch every day and Loren has been working after school in exchange for our stay. We’re trying to save money for our trip back to the US, so this has been a great solution. We also get to meet a lot of people from all over the world. In the past few days I’ve met someone who lives 20 minutes from where my mom’s from (which is a small town most people have never heard of) and also someone who knows some of the climbing areas we’ve been to. It’s great to be able to bond with people here over places we’ve been.

We’ve only got 19 more days in Guatemala, but we’re really excited to come home and see all of you!


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