The Last Few Days–Salem

Well, it’s been a pretty fun last few days. We’ve been spending a lot more time with the kids, watching movies, having them speak English, and playing games. Loren has been hanging out with the two older kids while I’ve been with the two younger ones. It all started about a week ago when they realized we brought movies. They all wanted to see our movies and so far we’ve watched 6 or 7. I get to watch Disney movies with the littler kids and Loren watches “boy” movies with the older ones. The older ones always ask for Spanish subtitles, though, and the younger ones watch in English with no subtitles. I think the next few times we’re going to try to get the older ones to watch only in English or with English subtitles, since they’re reading the subtitles and not really hearing the English.

One thing that’s been fun is that we decided to teach the kids how to speak like Yoopers. So far they know “ya dere, eh?” and “you betcha.” Sometimes we’ll be sitting and Allison, the youngest, will look at us and say “you betcha” without us even asking. They are traveling to California in November, so we hope the people they meet get confused about the Guatemalan kids who sound like Canadians.

William also found youtube videos called Epic Meal Time. The people in the videos make these crazy meals out of tons of fast food, cheese, and other gross things. Everyone’s favorite is Fast Food Lasagna where they use 15 big macs, 15 A&W burgers, and 15 baconators with cheese, tons of meat, and onion rings. It’s pretty disgusting, but the boys think it’s great. Whenever we talk about dinner, William always asks for 15 big macs. So it was no big surprise when we came home from school and saw him making an omelet with hot dogs inside and covered with ketchup. He said it was delicious.

A picture of the omelette. He ate the whole thing.

Here’s some more pictures of us and the kids.
Gianpa and Allison goofing off.

Loren playing video games with William (yesterday they were told to go outside and play because it was such a nice day and they had been playing too many video games!)

Yesterday we were playing outside with the kids and Pablo (who is the Yellow House owners’ son). Loren played soccer for a while and then we played a weird version of Hide and Seek where there is a referee. Everyone hides and one person counts. Instead of just going to find people, the person who is “it” stays close to “home base” and tries to catch the people hiding. If he sees someone, he has to run back to home base and say who he saw. Then that person is out. If he gets too far from home base, the people hiding can run to the home base and say their name and they’re safe. The referee doesn’t count or hide, but can give instructions to the people hiding and tell them whether to run, stay hidden, or move to a new spot. William was the referee and he was saying things in Spanish, which Loren couldn’t understand, so I started helping Loren in “yooper.” I also used bigger English words that the kids wouldn’t understand, but somehow William figured out what I was doing and I wasn’t very much help.

We also met our next door neighbor Harry yesterday. He brought his dog out to go for a walk, but the dog ended up playing with the kids while we talked to Harry. He is a missionary from Colorado who is working at an orphanage in town. He was here with his wife and 4 kids, but two of the kids went back to the US to finish their last years of high school with their friends. He seems like a pretty nice guy and it was nice to meet our neighbors. Ceci and Carlos (who own Yellow House) also came by, so it was like a little block party.

By then we were all starting to get hungry, and Allison decided she wanted marshmallows. Our apartment has the only fireplace in the house, so she asked if we could roast marshmallows. I’ve always thought that dessert first was the way to go, so we lit the fire and between Loren, Me, Allison, Gianpa, and Pablo, we ate a whole bag.

Starting the fire

Master fire maker.

There was a lot of smoke.

Yumm. Marshmallows.

The boys.

The kids.

Burnt marshmallows are the best.

Two at once.


The girls.

Tasting the marshmallows.

We finally did eat dinner and went to bed after our eventful day.


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