School Dance (And some other stuff)–Salem

Last Friday was the night of the school dance. It is kind of like prom, but all of the families go, and no one really goes with a date. All the teachers are also invited. Ana and Luis’s son William will be graduating in October, so William and Ana were introduced to the crowd and danced together with the other graduates. Then there were slideshows made for the different majors. It was fun for us because most of the students graduating are now in Loren’s classes, so he told me which students were in his classes and I got to see who he has been talking about. After the graduation stuff was over, we all got on the dance floor or sat and talked at our tables. The dance went until 1am, and we were exhausted when we got home!

William, Ana, Me, and Luigi

Me and Loren dancing it up.


Me, Ana, Luis, and Loren

At our table.

The room

Loren all dressed up

Me all dressed up

The hotel (Casa Santo Domingo) was built around old ruins.

More of the room. It was huge!

Ana and Luis dancing.


In other news:

When we left Guatemala in April, there was news that the first lady was divorcing her husband. The reason wasn’t because they were having marital troubles, but that she wanted to run for president this September. There is a law that says close relatives of presidents can’t be future presidents. She tried to get around this by getting her divorce. According to her she loves Guatemala so much that she would divorce her husband for her country. Basically the president and first lady are seen as people who haven’t done a lot for Guatemala, so most people seem to be excited that she can’t run, even though I don’t think she would have won. Here’s some more info.


Also, we have been watching the U20 soccer world cup. Guatemala made it pretty far, but today they lost to Portugal. It’s been nice watching the games with Ana, Luis, and the kids. I’m sure there will be more, though. Right now Loren is playing video games with Luigi (they can’t get enough soccer) and I am helping Allison with some English homework.


That’s all for now! Some videos to come!


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