I’m a teacher!–Loren

So to update a few of you who may not have heard yet…I’m going to start teaching at Colegio Boston (Salem’s school) tomorrow! Here’s how it all came about:

Monday morning I went in to school with Salem, Ana, and all the kids with the intention of just meeting the elementary principal (Roseannie) and talking with her about next year. While there I also filled out an application and later that night I e-mailed the principal my resume. Tuesday morning I went into work like usual and was receiving a large number of texts from Salem saying, Has Roseannie called you yet? Well I said, no she’s not supposed to call until next week or the end of this week at the earliest. Apparently, last week one of the teachers in the high school resigned because she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy. She finished some of her classes a bimester early, but the majority of her classes still needed a teacher. So Roseannie called me on Tuesday and asked if I could come to school that same day to talk with the director of the secondary English program. I said yes and I would try to be there before 2. That afternoon as I was leaving the hostel it started to rain…like crazy down pour rain, but I had forgotten my umbrella at home that day. So I ran through the rain to find a bus and was able to get to Ciudad Vieja without any trouble. Then I tried to find a tuk-tuk (mini taxi), but there weren’t any in all of Ciudad Vieja. So I walked about a mile from Ciudad Vieja to the school and got there at 1:40. I had just enough time to talk with Candy (the English program Head) about the position and that I would start on Monday. She also asked if I would be able to come to school on Wednesday to talk with the high school principal. I said sure and thought that I could probably leave a little earlier the next day and get there before 1.

Well the next morning I got a call from Roseannie asking me to come in before 10. So I quickly asked Ceci if I could leave really, really early to talk with the principal. She said yes and this time I found a tuk-tuk in Antigua that took me directly to the school. I got to Boston and met with the high school principal and Roseannie (who translated for me). He asked me if I could start the next day (Thursday) and I said, sure thing – no problem.

So I got up this morning and rode to school with Salem, Ana, and the kids. I had three hours until my first class was supposed to meet, so I sat in the teachers’ lounge and started to go through my materials for the day. After a couple minutes, I got up to see if the principal was in and to say hello. I also asked if he knew if my classes had Spanish exams today. He checked the schedule and they did have exams, so that meant I didn’t have to teach today. Instead, I went through the former teacher’s planning book and read through some of the classroom textbooks. I also had the opportunity to watch William and his friends perform a dance they had practiced for their social studies class. The class was divided into groups of 3, 4, or 5 students. Each group had a country that they researched and learned a dance from. The groups were: Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, and Africa (which I know is a continent, not a country). William’s group did a German dance. The students also got credit for bringing food from their country, so the Spanish group brought paella and William’s group brought sauerkraut and sausages. Most of the students in this class will also be in one of my classes, so I was able to see them before the first day of classes. Tonight I will be preparing activities for getting to know my students. I’m very excited to begin for real!

The classes I am going to be teaching are: TOEFL test preparation, spelling, reading and writing, conversation, and an English reinforcement class. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Go, Loren!

    August 4, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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