Dinner with the Moroccan Belgians–Salem

One great part about Loren working at the hostel is that he meets a lot of people. Most of you know how much he loves to talk to people, so this job is great for him. About a week ago, he met two Moroccan guys who are living in Belgium. One of the nights they were staying at the hostel, they invited Loren and Me to a Moroccan dinner. We had no idea what to expect, and I was nervous since the only Moroccan food I’d had before was really bad.

We got to the hostel about an hour before dinner so we could talk to people and watch the food cook. It turns out we were glad we came early, since the guys who were cooking are not only amazing cooks, but they are also very funny. They have been through a few other Central American countries, and had some crazy adventures. They met a coyote in Belize City who offered to take them over the border, through Mexico, and to the United States. They also had some people ask if they were from Detroit. They had some great stories and most of the preparation time was spent laughing.

Then dinner was served. We had a dish of rice, potatoes, chicken, and spices that was really good, and we also had some bread. The guy who did most of the cooking commented that the food he made that night. was probably the best he’d ever made. We had a great time talking, laughing, and having great conversations. It was definitely a dinner to remember.


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