My first day–Loren

Today was my first day of work at the Yellow House Hostel. I started out the day very nervous that I would forget something or screw something up. I spent the first hour remembering all the passwords and procedures for everything. I was less nervous once Ceci (one of the owners) showed up because I could ask her questions and if someone needed to make a phone call, she could call. One of the first things I found out is that it is the 11th birthday of the Yellow House in a week. Ceci wants me to plan it! We’re thinking about doing a trivia contest and maybe even salsa dance lessons for the people at the hostel. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m excited to start planning! The rest of the day was pretty normal. I helped Ceci with some editing and design for tour information; checked people into the hostel and got to know the guests that were already there; and brushed up on my Spanish skills. In the end I managed to not screw anything up. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Also, after I got home from the hostel, Salem and I rode into Antigua to buy some things we needed. We stopped at my favorite restaurant in Antigua (Luna de Miel, the crepe shop) for lunch and bought some new Guatemalan cell phones, which are much better than our last ones. We also went to the mercado to buy a blanket, so I was able to bargain, which many of you know I love to do! Overall, it’s been a great first day in Antigua. Now we’re ready for bed. Too bad it’s only 8pm.


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