First Day–Salem

The first day was great. I got a ride with our friend Ana who owns our apartment. I stopped to talk to the principal before I went to the classroom and she had a huge smile on her face when she saw me. She kept saying, “I’m so glad you’re here!” Then she walked me to my classroom and I met the teacher who has been in the classroom for the last two weeks as a sub. She’s really good and I got some good ideas from her. Then the kids saw me and all started yelling, “Miss Salem!” I got a lot of hugs today, which was great! The lady who was subbing will be at school both today and tomorrow, so I have a helper. The kids have learned so much since I left, so I’m excited to be able to have short conversations with them.

It was Loren’s first day at the hostel, too, so I’ll have him give you an update soon. It feels great to be back!


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