Getting Home–Salem

Welcome to the continuing saga of Loren and Salem getting home (nope, it’s not over yet!)

I’ll start with our last day in Antigua. We got back from Flores at about 6am and slept for a while. Then we got up, ran around to different places we wanted to see, bought presents, donated some clothes, gave some food to the hostel, etc. At 7 we planned to have a goodbye party with some friends. Some things came up, so half of the people weren’t able to come. It ended up being more of a Yellow House party, but we didn’t mind. We went to this great restaurant called the Peña del Sol Latino. The owner is American and very nice. Every night they have live music, and on Mondays it’s a guitar player. The owner plays bongos along with the guitar. We ended up being there for 3 hours talking and laughing. Our boss told us that in one month we had become closer to the people at Yellow House than the last girl had in one year. The girl who works with us said after the first few days she knew she was going to like Loren. It was great to hear them say that. We also got some great Guatemalan presents so we’ll remember them forever.

Part of the restaurant

Trying to wake up Pablo. He had a long day.

Sofi, Carlos, Ceci, Loren, Salem, Pablito, Gian Paolo

We went home and finished packing. At 4am the alarm went off and at 5am we were in the taxi heading to Guatemala City. We got out of Guatemala and landed in Texas about 20 minutes early. We had an hour and a half to catch our next flight, so we rushed through immigration, baggage claim, customs, and re-checking our bags. We got to the gate to find that our flight was delayed an hour because the plane wasn’t there. By the time the plane got there and we boarded we were about 2 hours late. Then we went to the runway and sat for another hour because no planes could get into Chicago because of weather problems. Then the pilot came on and told us that we had an alternate route, but we had to get more fuel to make it… but before we turned around he told us they had given us our original route back. At this point you could hear everyone’s reaction to all the changes and we decided not to trust air traffic control until we were on the ground in Chicago. We got in the air and had a pretty smooth ride… until the pilot came on again and told us we were rerouted to Des Moines, IA. We landed and were told that we just had to refuel and we would be back in the air on the way to Chicago. We ended up waiting about an hour or two on the plane in Des Moines. We finally got back up into the air for the quick trip to Chicago. There were 6 or so people going to Marquette on our Texas flight and they told us that all flights to Marquette were cancelled, so we knew we didn’t have to worry about making our flight. When we got off the plane we headed to the crowded rebooking center and ended up getting on a flight for April 20 at 6:40pm landing at 8:50pm. We found a hotel after calling about 10 and at midnight Chicago time we were in the hotel. It actually was a nice and relaxing night. We slept for 8 hours for the first time in 4 days! So here’s hoping we make it in tonight and we don’t get stuck here again! We’ll let you know when we make it home!


2 responses

  1. Astounding pictures – I love the colors of the furnishings and walls there.

    August 26, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    • It’s a really nice restaurant in Antigua – reasonably priced and with a good mix of typical Guatemalan food and some International dishes.

      August 26, 2011 at 8:05 pm

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