BIMBO Factory–Salem

Yesterday all of the pre-primary students (pre-school, pre-kinder, kinder, and preparatoria) plus first and second grade went to the BIMBO bread factory. BIMBO is very similar to Hostess in the US. BIMBO makes bread, but they’re really famous for making snack cakes. They have:

Pinguinos (kind of like Hostess cupcakes)

Negritos (chocolate frosted donuts)

Roles de Canela (cinnamon roll)

Needless to say, my students were very excited to go to the factory. The factory is about 30 minutes outside of town. We left school around 8:15 and got to the factory around 9am. When we got there we found out that there was another group inside, so we had to wait on the bus. We ate the lunch that the school provided and we finally got off the bus around 9:30. That doesn’t seem too bad, but imagine a bus full of students three to a seat all eating hamburgers and drinking pop full of sugar! We finally got off the bus and our bus was the first bus to go into the factory. They showed us a quick movie about making bread and then we got to walk through the factory, which was very small. By 11am we were done with the tour and then the kids played on the playground for the next hour and a half. When we left we got a goody bag with four snacks, which is exactly what you want kids to get for a ride home! Then we got back on the bus. Some of the kids brought money to buy things at the factory, but when we took them to the store we found out that only the teachers were allowed to shop, which I thought was a little unfair. We got to school and had about 45 minutes until the kids got to go home. Overall I thought it was a pretty pointless field trip in comparison to some I’ve been on in the US, but I don’t how regular field trips in Guatemala are. I’m still jealous of the older primary kids who get to go to the zoo and go to an IMAX movie.

On another note, I think we’re getting a free trip to Monterrico from the travel agency. Monterrico is a town on the beach which is known for its sea turtle sanctuary. People can actually buy a turtle and set it free into the wild. I don’t think it’s turtle season right now, but it will still be nice to hang out on the beach for a while. We also are trying to get a free trip to Tikal because we’ve sold a lot of trips. If we sell a certain number of trips to some places we can get free or discounted trips for ourselves! We also get a free “demonstration” from one of the massage places in town that the hostel owner knows. We think that means a free massage so we can go back and recommend it to the people at the hostel. We also might have been offered a free canopy tour (zip line) at one of the coffee plantations. We’ll see!

Also if you’re interested about the hostel we now have a website: or you can search Yellow House Antigua on facebook and “like” us!

Goodbye from the BIMBO bear!


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