Tonight Loren and I decided to watch a procession in the middle of town. Every Sunday of Lent there are processions in the streets of Antigua. Antigua is known for having the largest Easter celebration in the world, and the weeks leading up to Easter are very important too. Each procession starts in a different place and goes through Antigua. The procession today started in Jocotenango, which is about a mile away. The people in the procession started walking at 10:00am, walked around Jocotenango, walked through Antigua, and got to the central park (where we were) around 7:30pm. They are scheduled to get back to Jocotenango around 11pm, but they were already behind schedule when we saw them. It’s a long day! The really cool thing about the processions are that the people create religious floats and parade them through town, just like we would do on the 4th of July for parades. But here they carry the floats instead of putting them on top of cars. That’s why it takes so long for the procession to go through town. Imagine 50+ men carrying a solid wood float with statues on top. It was really an amazing thing to see. Even if you aren’t religious it would be worth it, because it’s such a big part of the culture here. I’ve never seen so many people in one place in Antigua. The streets were filled with people watching, people walking in the procession, and people selling things (toys, food, candy, etc). We both had a great time and took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them. We’ve have some videos, but I’ll post those later.

Agua with the sunset on our walk.

The cathedral all lit up.

Cotton candy!

The big float. Very impressive.

The end of the float

The float with the cathedral in the background.

So much smoke!

There was even a marching band!

We were cold and tired, but it was definitely worth it!

So many things to buy!

The cleaning truck came at the end.

With the cleaning bulldozer!


2 responses

  1. FM

    Wow! Wish i could have been there.

    March 28, 2011 at 6:53 am

    • It was really cool. And our landlord said they get bigger and better each week.

      March 28, 2011 at 8:24 am

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