Our other blogs…

I just wanted to get the word out that there’s more than one way to skin the cat that is hearing about Salem and myself…

We both have blogs from our Education Technology class of last summer…

Loren: http://ed483-lp.blogspot.com/

Salem: http://ed483smw.blogspot.com/

We both also have Education Portfolio websites from the the same Educational Technology class.

Loren: https://sites.google.com/site/lprinceeducationalportfolio/

Salem: http://sites.google.com/site/ed483sw/

I particularly like our portfolio websites because it gives you the opportunity to see demonstrations of what we’ve been taught at NMU.  For example, on my website I’ve included a few lesson plans that I created for my final social studies methods class, HS 350.

Oh and the cool thing about those blogspot.com blogs is that you have the option of getting Google to place ads on your blog related to your posts…which could earn you money for however many guests you have to your blog.  I haven’t read every thing about this “monetize” option, e.g. terms and conditions, privacy, account security, but once I do perhaps Loren and Salem will earn a few bucks for writing how we feel about education, life, and etc.

O.k…it’s late here in Guatemala and I need to go to bed.  I just got caught up in editing my account on http://www.teachers-teachers.com and ended up staying up later than I meant to.  I haven’t finished my application for the Teaching Residency in Richmond yet, but I have five or six days till the deadline.




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