Just Some Pictures

We only have a few things to report since we last posted something. Loren found an ultimate frisbee group to play with on Sunday afternoons, so he is full of bruises from his first game. We only have four weeks left, so we’re trying to squeeze a lot in. Trying to sell a lot of trips so we can go to Tikal! We’re working a lot and applying for jobs, so we basically have no free time, but we love it! We’re excited to be home soon and see you all too!

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

One of the cooking/cleaning ladies with the free breakfast the hostel provides. It’s really good!

Fresh fruit!


We think this is the nicest room in the hostel

Salem’s job one day was to rewrite this sign. We’re making our mark!

The outside of the hostel. You wouldn’t even know how nice it is.

Loren through the window.

We had lunch at a café called Fernando’s. It was ok, but it had a really nice courtyard.

We made a cat friend at Fernando’s

He decided to sit with us at our table.

The moon was HUGE on Saturday night. All the workers and guests watched it from the second floor.

Our delicious dulce de leche cake from Café El Portal. Like an alfajor (Argentine cookie), but better!


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