First day of my new job – Loren

Today was the first day of my new job!  I am now working for the parents of one of my students.  They own and hostel and run a travel agency as well – it is called “The Yellow House” or “La Casa Amarilla”.  I work both angles: I try to sell rooms (which isn’t too hard when you work at one of best rated hostels in Antigua. Check out the reviews!) and I try to sell tours and trips around Guatemala/Central America.  I am paid by the hour and I get commission on any trip (tour or shuttle) that I sell.

The best part about today is that Salem was able to come with me and spend all 13 hours working with me!  This meant she got to work on her Spanish with our fellow employee, Sofi.  Sofi has been working for The Yellow House for eight years and is really good at teaching us what we need to know.  She spoke mostly in Spanish, but slowly enough that even I could understand.

A few highlights from the day:

– I met a girl from Holland and had a great conversation about the World Cup and my family’s connection to the Netherlands.  It was cool to actually meet someone from the country all my people came from long, long ago.

– We met a couple from the U.S. and she grew up in Grand Rapids her whole life – except for the last ten years.   She grew up on the North West side and I grew up on the South East side…we knew almost nothing about our respective parts of GR, but it was really crazy to meet someone from GR in Antigua.

– Salem talked with a mom and daughter couple from Virginia.  They live in Richmond and Salem was able to tell them all about her mom’s family that still lives in Mount Crawford near Harrisonburg.

– We met two women that were traveling together that we had met previously about two weeks ago when we went to the coffee farm with Phil and Annette. They came into the front office area at about 9 and looked at me and I looked at them and we kind of had one of those, “hey…don’t I know you?” moments.

– There was also the coolest, nicest lady from England (who’s now living and working in Houston) who checked in at the hostel. She kept saying, “oh how wonderful is this ___” and “oh I’m sooo excited to see everything.”  As Salem reminded me on Facebook – she was super cute.  I also successfully suggested a restaurant for her — and she took my advice!  I told her about the crepe place that Salem and I (as well as Phil and Annette) really, really like. It felt really good to be able to help someone enjoy Antigua as much as I have.

So from those highlights you can see how small the world is.  Bumping into people from the U.S. is one thing, but meeting people that have a connection to both of our families home areas is pretty crazy.

Well I really need to get to bed…my eyes are closing as I type.

Love to you all,



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  1. Thanks for thaking the time to keep us updated with want you 2 are doing. It’s nice to know things are going well. Yes, the world is a very small place. Whenever we go anywhere there seems to be someone that is from or knows someone from where you are or close by. God is watching over the 2 of you and so glad you are enjoying this phase of your life. Keep writing, but do get some sleep. Love you both, Aunt Betty <<
    PS Grandmother & Granddaddy Glover's 69th wedding anniversary is March 23rd. Thought I would remind you. They also send their love.

    March 14, 2011 at 7:48 am

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