Phil and Annette have arrived!

Hey Everybody!  Phil and Annette (Salem’s parents) arrived safely last night in Guatemala!  I think it is safe to say that Salem is very, very happy. 🙂

Well, I’m happy too because today I got to show Phil and Annette around Antigua.  We went to one of many markets (plus a few other shops that are like large indoor markets) and we were able to get a few things.  Phil got a button down shirt and a leather brimmed hat; I got two jerseys for my friend Kwame; but we weren’t able to find anything for Annette.  Good thing they have six or seven more days here to for Salem to help her find something.  (Who wants two men for shopping partners when you can have your daughter?)

This afternoon everybody is joining me at my tutoring session with one of Ana’s sons (either William or Luigi).  Phil, Annette, and Salem will spend time relaxing with Ana and her family while I bring home the bacon teaching English.  Then, after my hour of tutoring, it will be time for football (soccer)!!!!  We’re planning a big game – one of my students is having four friends over to play with us…I’m not sure but it might be because he wants them to play with me specifically…don’t know.  None-the-less I’m super excited.  I’m still trying to decide who I’m going to play as: will I wear my Holland jersey and be Arjen Robben?  Or my England Jersey and be Ashley Cole or John Terry?  You’ll have to find out when Salem posts the pictures of the game…

Until later (Hasta Luego)



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  1. Glad Annette and Phil got there ok. I’m sure Salem is VERY happy. Hopefully it will be great weather while they are there and you can get to do a lot of the things they wanted to do. Good luck in the soccer game. Hope Annette isn’t planning to play. I’m sure I wouldn’t be either. Grandmother and Granddaddy say hi and they enjoy reading your blog as I do. Stay safe and God bless. Love, Aunt Betty <<<

    February 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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