Birthday Party!–Salem

We finally celebrated my birthday without me being sick! It was great. After a rough week at school (I haven’t been sleeping well), it was nice to come home and relax. We took a really long walk around town picking stuff up for tonight. We walked to the supermercado, which is all the way across town, for some candles and some candy to bring my students on Monday. Then I took my first real walk through the mercado and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I bought Loren his Valentine’s Day present, which was a football jersey from the Netherlands. I took Loren along so he could bargain for it. I’m too much of a pushover for bargaining. While we were there, we picked up some movies.

Loren made chili earlier today and our landlord came by with my birthday cake when we got home. She makes wedding cakes for a living, so Loren asked her if she would make me a birthday cake. It looked amazing!


Then our friends Cody and Katie came over for dinner (they brought some bread and hot chocolate. Yum), a movie, and cake. It was a good night.



Cody and Katie just left, but we had an interesting time trying to get them home. The people they are staying with were supposed to bring them home, but they weren’t answering any phone calls. Our friends were pretty sure their ride had already gone home. They live in a suburb of Antigua, so they needed to find a tuk tuk (mini taxi) to take them home. By some miracle one passed us a few minutes after we got to the main street by our house. The problem was that it was 9:50 and after 10 he would be done, so he didn’t have enough time to take them home. They ended up taking the tuk tuk to the central park so they could find a taxi to bring them home. So much work! So this is a note for the future that tuk tuks stop running at 10… so if you  have friends over, they should leave before then. We’re waiting for a message to see if they got home safe!

Also, tonight we saw the biggest spider ever. I will never sleep again knowing there might be more.


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