Sitting in the Lobby–Salem

Well, our trip didn’t exactly go as planned. I ended up getting really sick with a cold the day after we got here and spent all of yesterday (the 6th) in bed sleeping. I’m feeling ok today, but not 100% better. We had planned to see some of the museums and go into the city today, but we barely even left the hotel. So the vacation was not what we expected. Now we’re sitting in our hotel lobby because we had to check out of our room by noon. Our flight doesn’t leave until 7:30 and I have no energy, so we’re basically stuck here doing nothing. Loren is about to fall asleep because he is reading a book by the worst author in the world (Joseph Conrad) and I’m trying to pass the time by writing this. So here’s what we did in Costa Rica.

The day we got here we walked to the mall near our hotel. We could have taken the shuttle that our hotel provides, but we’re so used to walking everywhere that we didn’t really mind. The malls here (and most of this area) are very American. Almost all of the stores were American and they were all really expensive. But we did find a Havanna store, which made me extremely happy. Havanna sells alfajores, which are cookie sandwiches filled with dulce de leche. They are in pretty much every store in Argentina, and it’s hard to find them in the US, so I was really happy to see them! We ended the day making dinner in our kitchen.

On the 5th we woke up late, went to the continental breakfast, and decided to go to a movie. There are no movie theaters in Antigua, so it was a little treat for us. We saw Love and Other Drugs, which was ok, but not amazing. Then we went back to the hotel and decided to find some dinner. We took the hotel shuttle to a big shopping and restaurant area. The driver was telling us about all of the restaurants because we didn’t know where we wanted to eat and we decided to go to a place he said was good. It was an open-air Mexican restaurant that he said has live music. It turned out to be more of a bar. We were seated very close to another group of people, there was no live music, and the food wasn’t very good. That day we REALLY missed Border Grill. Since our dinner didn’t cost very much, we decided to go to the good old Outback Steakhouse and get some cake. I ordered cake and Loren got cheesecake. Then I asked for a side of fries. The guy must have thought we were insane. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face. I guess ice cream and french fries isn’t as common in Costa Rica as it is in Marquette.

The next day I barely moved from the bed. I slept a lot, which was nice, and I feel a lot better today, but Loren said I had a fever. This is the second time I’ve been sick since we got here. Hopefully I’m done with being sick!

We’re heading back tonight at 7:30 and we’ll get to Antigua around 10. Then back to school. We’re really excited to have life get back to normal. Sorry for the lack of pictures. There weren’t very many picture-worthy moments.


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