Hola desde Costa Rica!–Salem

We made it! This is by far the shortest travel day I have ever experienced. We got picked up by our trusty taxi man Cesar and in about an hour we were in the Guate airport changing money, drinking coffee and eating the best Subway sandwich either of us have ever eaten. No joke. Then we boarded the plane and an hour and a half later we were in San Jose. We got through customs alright although Loren was questioned a bit about why he’s in the country (he’s a shady guy). Then we walked out and got bombarded by the Taxi Aeropuerto guys. The taxi guy we chose brought us to a car and we got in… and then he realized the car wasn’t his. We laughed a little and got into his car and went on the scariest, craziest ride ever (this ride rivaled the tuk tuk, which I think we have talked about, but if not we’ll update about those later). We had no idea where we were going, but magically we ended up in the right place. Now we are sitting in our amazing hotel getting ready to go to the mall and maybe buy some things to make dinner because we have a full kitchen in our room. It’s amazing and I never want to leave. We also have an outdoor pool which we will be sure to utilize. I would be happy never leaving this room all weekend, but we should probably get out and explore, because how often are we going to be in Costa Rica?

Here’s some pictures from the day!

I think I’m going to change my name. I overpronounce the “m” like crazy, but no one seems to hear it. This is what my students call me too.

Agua from the airport.


Goodbye Guatemala!


Me creeping on the guy next to me who basically stood next to me the whole flight. This was a rare moment of him playing Sudoku.

First view of Costa Rica

Almost to the airport

Our kitchen in the hotel

Little dining room

Living room

Bed and massive TV

Sink/bathroom area

View from the bed

A bathtub!!!

Our hotel

View from our floor


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