Bagels and McDonalds–Salem

I am a stalker. It’s true. Let me tell you how much of a stalker I am. When we were looking for a church, I went on Google. I couldn’t find anything except for ruins of old churches. Finally I ended up on someone’s blog where she mentioned the church we are now going to. I commented on her entry and tried not to sound too creepy. I asked this girl if she wanted to get coffee or something sometime because we don’t know very many people in Antigua who are our age. So that leads to today when we met for ice cream. Don’t worry, it was legit and she was very nice.

The ice cream place was like Coldstone. Huge servings and pricey, but delicious. We sat and talked for about 2 hours. Then we decided to venture down to McDonalds because we had heard it was really fancy. We went inside and walked around. The place is HUGE! And it has an outdoor courtyard with a view of the volcano and a garden. Honestly it was the nicest McDonalds I’ve ever been in. It even had a McCafe coffee bar with pastries and things. And it had a playplace. We didn’t order anything, though, we just walked around. Zebrina took some pictures, and we’re waiting for her to email them, so pictures to come soon!

Then we parted ways and Lorenzo and I started looking for some food. We thought chicken would be nice, but we ended up at a bagel café that was very touristy. We were the only people there not on computers. We got some food to go and it was really good. Parents: don’t worry, there will be bagels when you get here.

We also talked about some places to go in Antigua. We really want to go to:

Semuc Champey: the national park

Tikal: the Mayan ruins

Lake Atitlan


Climb Volcan Pacaya

Hopefully we’ll be able to do it all!


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