Spanish School for Loren – Loren

Hey hey everybody,

This afternoon Salem and I are going to explore some different Spanish schools in the area.  This will serve two purposes: first and foremost, I’ll get to learn some more Spanish and won’t feel like an idiot cause I don’t understand people; second, it will give me something to do.  We’ll update tonight or tomorrow with what we find.

Last Friday we visited  the family of one of Salem’s co-workers at Colegio Boston to discuss the possibility of me tutoring one or more of their kids.  The meeting went really well – I met their son Louis who is a senior and will be attending University next year.  My main job will be helping him with prep work for his exams, but also I will be helping him to become more comfortable using English.  I’m really excited for this opportunity to work with a student again…seeing as it has been a while since I’ve taught.

This week we’re gearing up for our mini-trip to Costa Rica for Salem’s birthday!  We’ve been reading up on what to see and how to navigate in San Jose.

We’ll keep you updated on things in Costa Rica.

Until later,




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