Meeting the Parents–Salem

Today I got sick. We’ve had three kids out sick this week and now I have it. Yay for germs in Guatemala that I’ve never been exposed to before! I have to go to school tomorrow, though, because my teacher said so! Thursday is a long day, so they are really hard if you’re by yourself.

So, today we had a parents’ meeting for the whole school. We went to school from 8-2, and then had to be back at 4 until whenever the parents stopped asking questions. In between Hania invited me to her house for lunch. I got to meet her kids and they’re super cute. She said usually they’re fighting and not so silly, but because I was there, they were different. It was really fun and nice to hang out somewhere. Then we went back to school and sat through a couple speeches by the heads of the school. Next they introduced all the teachers to the parents (including me!), and then we all went to our rooms to have meetings with the parents of our students. Our meeting went realllllly long! All the parents wanted to know exactly what was going on with their kids. It was nice to meet some of the parents, though, even if only 1/3 showed up.

I guess that’s it. I thought I had more to write, but I really need to get some rest!


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