Actual Update–Salem

Wow, it’s nice to have our own space. We also have things to occupy our down time (and the times where it’s too hot to stay outside!). Student teaching is going great. I’m mostly helping Hania with everything, but I think the kids are getting used to speaking English with us and they seem to like me (I got three hugs yesterday and two today). It’s the weekend now, so it’s time to rest and get ready to figure out my new bus route… the bus comes an hour earlier than it did in Ciudad Vieja. 6:55. Ugh.

Now we’re just moving into the house. Loren is off trying to find some things we need, and tomorrow we’re going to the supermercado to find some food! What are we going to do with all of this space?

We had dinner at an Argentine parilla today. Yum. Loren had a lomito (beef), that he said was very good, and I had milanesa (what a surprise). Delish.

So that’s it for now. You can now email, facebook, and Skype us!

I’ll leave you with the rest of our pictures!

Our wonderful water that we have so we don’t die from the tap water. The company is called Scandia, which is very similar to Skandia.

This is to the left of our front door. There is a lady who lives above us. She is very nice and funny.

This is looking straight out from our front door towards our landlord’s house and the main front gate.


This is to the right of our side door going back to the laundry room.

One thing I’m constantly surprised about is how the buildings look so plain from the outside, just a colored wall and a door, and then the houses are inside the front buildings. There are gardens and multiple houses and everything and it’s so pretty! The restaurant today had a swimming pool inside!


2 responses

  1. Cathy

    It’s great to keep up with you guys. What a fun adventure! Enjoy your weekend in your new home!

    January 21, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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