Our second week here – Loren

I can’t believe we’re already in our second week in Guatemala.  It has already been an amazing experience thus far…it’s hard to imagine what three more months will bring.

Today I went for a run through Ciudad Vieja.  Other than some pain in my lungs (probably a combination of not running in over 5 months and the ever persistent and present smog in the city) my run was pretty good.  Probably about a mile and a half, but right now that feels pretty good.  While I was running I kept thinking…I wonder if they see a white guy running while they think, “hmm, that Gringo needs somebody to chase him.”  Well this Gringo survived without any chasing 😉  (not that they could have caught me any way…)

This morning I decided to go into Antigua.  I bought some fried chicken from a local chain restaurant and a beer (Gallo — pura Guate).  While I was eating in el Parque Central I had a dog come and sit by me, eying my food all the while.  Also while I was sitting there a guy, named Noah, came and sat by me and started talking to me in Spanish.  Amazingly enough I’m pretty sure he understood my Spanish and I didn’t sound like a complete idiot.  Most of my sentences were very simple (I am living in Antigua for 3 months – Vivo en Antigua para tres meses).  I look forward to when I can use more complex statements and understand full conversations…all with time though.  I also talked with Glenn on the international phone for a bit which was great because I haven’t really had a chance to talk with him for more than a couple minutes since the wedding.

Well that’s all so far today.  I think I’m going to look for the DVD merchant Salem heard about from Hania and then head home.

Adios mis amigos!

– Lorenzo


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