1 Week Update (1/13/11)–Salem

Well, we’ve been here a week and it’s starting to feel like we’re living here instead of going on vacation.

I am almost done with my first week at school and I start teaching on Monday! Hania said the first week is mostly observing how much English our students know, how much they remember from last year, how well they pronounce the words, etc, so we will be doing a lot of games, songs, and stories. The classroom is almost done and it really looks like a classroom now. All we need is a welcome sign and a rug. And a list with the names of our students. Hopefully we’ll get it all tomorrow. Then we’ll be ready to go! I keep meeting new people, but I don’t remember any names, so I hope I’ll be able to get to know more people soon.

I took the bus to school for the first day today. The school is paying for me to take the bus to and from school every day. This week it is just a van, but starting next week it will be a school bus, so I will ride with the students. It was a little hectic today, but I think I know what I’m doing now. It’s definitely a step up from the chicken bus.

We also found an apartment. We’re putting a deposit down tomorrow and we’ll move in next Friday or Saturday. It’s in Antigua, which is farther away from school, but closer to everything else.It’s a lot bigger than where we are now, plus it has internet!  That way I’ll be able to get to my online classes that I haven’t been able to connect to this past week! The school also has wireless that was just set up, so we’ll try that tomorrow. If you see this, you’ll know it worked!

Loren has been exploring the city. He has found some pretty good restaurants and today he found the football stadium. Those of you who know Loren know that he loves soccer, so he’s going to be finding out how to get to games. We’ve also found some stores and basically know where to get what we need. So now you can all come visit us!

Fun fact: the two Canadian girls in our house are from Quebec and they say their Spanish “r” like a French “r.” It’s cute.


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