2 days…

We’re getting close. We have so much to do and so many people to see, but we’ll try to answer some frequently asked questions. And if you’re in Marquette tomorrow, we’ll be hanging out at the bowling alley around 7:30pm and then Remies around 10 if you want to come say hi! Call us if you want to know where we are!

Where are we living?

For the first two weeks we are living with a host family, but we have the option to move to our own apartment after two weeks if we want. We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet, but we’ll let you know!

What’s our address?

The address for the first two weeks is:

Loren and Salem Prince
Sra. Paulina Garcia
Segunda Calle 3 Guión 27 Zona 3
Ciudad Vieja
Antigua, Guatemala

but mail travels slowly in Guatemala and there is a chance mail won’t reach us, so if you’re going to send us something, make sure it doesn’t have money or anything else that’s valuable in it, just in case it gets lost. The most reliable way to contact us is by facebook, email, skype, and commenting on this blog.

What is Loren going to do?

Right now we’re not sure. The school has said they would like to hire him for a job, but we don’t know what job that will be. As of now, we’re open to just about anything, since Salem won’t be getting paid during her student teaching.

What grade is Salem teaching? Is her placement in Spanish?

Salem is student teaching in kindergarten. There are 30 kindergartners, but they are split into groups of 15. One group goes to Spanish classes and one group goes to English classes. Salem will be teaching in the English classroom. She’s not sure how the classes work yet, but she will let you know after she observes.

When are you leaving? When are you coming home?

We are leaving on January 6th at around 10am and we will get to Guatemala City around 8pm. We’ll send a quick update to let you know we got there! We have tickets to come home on April 19th leaving at about 8:30 pm and getting into Marquette around 9pm.

What time zone is Guatemala in?

Antigua is in the Central time zone, so those of you in the Dakotas, Minnesota, or the Western UP, you’ll be on the same time as us. Anyone in the Eastern time zone, you’ll be an hour ahead. Guatemala also doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time.


That’s it for now. Any other questions?


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