Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was great! We had a great Platte Christmas and now we’re looking forward to our Marquette Christmas. If you’re in Marquette, we want to see you before we leave! Facebook/email/call/comment so we can figure out when we’re going to hang out!

Also, we have Skype accounts so we can talk to y’all while we’re gone. Add us!

Salem: salem_prince
Loren: loren.prince36

Also, if you want postcards/mail/etc. from us, make sure to give us your address!

Back to Christmas… time to watch Elf!


One response

  1. Kitty Pope

    Finally I found you. Betty has been bringing copies by. Please forgive ant tying errors. Two weeks ago my finger decided to swell. Went to the doctot. he said it was infected and swollen. As if I didn’t know that. He gave my antibiotics and told me to lance it. It is the middle finger on my right hand. never knew how much I used it. I cannot ben it at all. Haven’t been able to release any swelling – no place to lance. The medicine runs out Monday so I will be going back to the doctor. Mom and Dad went to the church today to get pictures made for the church directory. Ordered some and will send. Hey, I would love a postcard to add to my collection. PO Box 74, mt.Crawford. va 22841

    February 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm

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