Christmas Eve in Platte…

Ah yes, another beautiful day dawns in the mighty metropolis of Platte, South Dakota.  I (Loren) have just returned from a hair-cut at the “Hair Boutique Salon.”  Now I know what you’re thinking – a boutique/salon for a hair-cut?  It’s true that I usually patron a barber shop for my hair needs, but my dad suggested this place because the young women who own and operate the place just opened shop two weeks ago and one of them goes to my dad’s church.  So I’m just doing my part to help out a local business.  So how does this relate to our up coming trip to Guatemala…well it doesn’t, but that’s not the point.  I just figured the fine folk who have been reading these wonderful blog posts have been hearing mostly from my wife and needed a dose of Loren in their lives…Smile Although I do feel it is important to support local businesses and I look forward to finding little shops and coffee houses in Antigua. 

So anyway, Christmas Eve in Platte should be a great day.  I plan on relaxing and reading as much of Harry Potter #7 as I can and at the moment Salem is still sleeping.  Tonight I believe we may continue the adventure we began last night by looking through more pictures from my childhood.  This is my father’s favorite way of continuing to welcome Salem into our family: embarrass Loren as much as possible.  He did a pretty good job last night with a story from one of Emily’s birthday parties, but I got him back later in the evening when my Mom and I beat Dad and Em at Pinochle.  134 to 88! 

Alright to wrap things up…I think I will add my two cents to what Salem wrote about yesterday regarding the men’s attire for our wedding.  Purchasing suits is amazing.  First of all, it was a great experience I got to share with my father; second, the cost of buying a suit is an investment in my future as a professional rather than a one time cost of renting a tux; third, they make you look frickin’ awesome.  So my advice to those that are soon to be married: buy suits for the groom and advise your groomsmen to so the same.

That’s it from me.



Me waiting

Da Groom

Glenn and Em

Da Bestman and ma sister


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