Visit to the Capital… and Wedding Apparel

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Today we went to visit the capital. Lots of museums (Loren couldn’t handle himself) and we got some books. That’s all I look at when I’m in a store now. I got two children’s books of Native American stories. Yay! The capital is pretty tiny. 14,000 people… half the size of Marquette. I always think of capital cities being like Lansing, but not all of them. I learned from Q107 a few weeks ago that if the UP broke off and became its own state, Marquette would be the 47th largest capital. That means 4 would be smaller than us. And South Dakota is one. You learn a new thing every day, and you can thank me! Tomorrow we’re going to explore town… and then Loren and I are making dinner. Should be interesting.

Ok, so our wedding apparel probably saved us the most money. My dress was my Mom’s. I was a little nervous at first. Her dress had almost a turtle-neck collar and long sleeves with elastic at the wrist. We found a really great seamstress and she did a great job fixing those problems. We didn’t need to alter the size at all, which she said almost never happens. Then she spent hours putting pearls along the waistline and the bottom of the dress. What dedication! The veil was my mama’s too, and we just made it shorter. I loved wearing my mom’s dress. It made the wedding so much more special and it was nice to know that the dress was worn more than once, because wedding dresses can be really expensive. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a tradition. I also got plain white flats. Who’s going to see them?


Here it is.

My reception dress (I didn’t want to rip the lace on the other one) was from Macy’s for $100. It was shorter and didn’t have sleeves so I could move easier. I had teal flats for this one, since the dress was off-white and didn’t go with white flats. I love those teal shoes.


The bridesmaid dresses were $40 and from Target. They’re Converse brand. I bought one at an after Christmas sale and loved it. So a few months later, when I was looking for teal bridesmaid dresses, I kept thinking, “I wish I could find one that they would wear, isn’t expensive, and looks like the one I got from Target.” Duh. I told them to choose shoes and jewelry that went with the dresses. Not a big deal. One less thing for me to worry about. 🙂

The groomsmen wore their own black suits (who is ever going to wear a tux besides at a wedding?) and we gave them ties so they would match. How’s that for easy?


Here’s Bill and Anna modeling so well!

As for our parents, we asked our dads to wear black suits and a tie of their choice. Our moms found dresses (Loren’s mom had a brown one, my mom had a teal one). We wanted them to be able to choose and have something casual.

I tried to be as laid back as possible, and it worked out great!


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