Flowers and Hair… and a South Dakota Update

Well, we made it! After 2 days and a couple of white outs, we’re finally with Loren’s parents!

Day 1 we left about an hour late since Loren turned off his alarm instead of hitting snooze. No big deal though. We drove about 8 hours to Minneapolis and tried to find the mall thinking there would be a sign for an exit to take, but there isn’t. Good thing my parents know their way around. My mom directed us and we finally found it. After about an hour my parents friends (who we stayed with) called to see if we wanted some dinner. We had Indian food and it was DELICIOUS! Marquette needs an Indian restaurant.

Day 2 we got up and had breakfast, played with the kids a little bit, and then left about an hour later than we hoped. There were white outs and a lot of cars off the road, but we made it to Sioux Falls to pick up Loren’s sister from the airport. Then two hours later we made it to Platte. Now we’re just lazing around and liking the no school or work thing. We’ve watched almost a season of The West Wing today. People keep stopping by to drop off presents for Loren’s celebrity parents (when you’re a minister in Platte, everyone knows you), so we’ve been meeting a lot of new people.


Here are the awesome people who did the flowers and hair for the wedding.

We wanted everything to be really unique, so I knew I didn’t want the traditional wedding flowers. Plus, I really don’t like roses, so those were out. When we got engaged, my parents gave us a bouquet from a vendor at the local farmer’s market and we still have it, since it dried really well. We went to the farmer’s market and asked if they did weddings… and they said yes! They’re called the Smiling Dog Cut Flower Farm. We didn’t know what we were going to get, since it depended on what was blooming at the time, but all of the arrangements looked great and they said they could do a bouquet of twigs and berries if it was too cold for flowers. We loved them! They did my bouquet (plus one to throw at the reception), a bouquet for each of my bridesmaids, corsages for the moms and our readers, and boutonnieres for the groomsmen and dads. Perfect.


And there they are.

As for hair, a friend of mine from high school happened to run into my parents one day and offer to help with hair if I needed it. It was a good coincidence, since I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for hair. So I went in on Kelsey’s first day of work at the salon and did a hair trial. It turned out great and we were impressed since she did 6 girls’ hair in less than 3 hours. 🙂


There’s me making an awful face while getting my hair done.


And here’s all the girls’ hair. 🙂


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