Two Months!

Loren and I have been married for two months today.

My mom has been asking me to list our wedding vendors somewhere so anyone who’s getting married in Marquette knows where to get awesome (and less expensive) service. I’ll let you know that our wedding was about $5,000 and there was only one thing we really didn’t like. Everything else was just like we wanted it!

First, we really couldn’t have done any of it without these people:

Families are awesome.

And we had the best wedding party ever! We had people from every part of our lives and it meant a lot to have them all there!

My sister-in-law, my choir friend since 2nd grade, our two NMU best friends, and my best friend from high school.

Our NMU best friend, my best friend, Loren’s best friend, Loren’s friend from elementary school, and my oldest friend.

Ok. On to the vendors! I don’t want this post to be insanely long, so I’ll do two today and come back and do two more another day and keep going until I get done. Oh, and let me know if you really want to know where something came from. Here we go.

1. Pictures – All of the pictures from the wedding that we’ve posted so far were done by:

John Berry and

Jordan Buzzy

They’re NMU students in the Art Department (and they rock). They asked us what we wanted, and we love the pictures! John took our engagement pictures, too. We like them.


2. Save-the-Dates, Invitations, Programs, general awesome-ness – My friend from elementary school, who also happens to be an art student at NMU, offered to do all things paper. They turned out even better than we expected! The design is actually a silhouette of our engagement, which we think is really cool and unique!

That’s Mia looking super tired on the left after taking the GRE on the morning of our wedding. What a trooper!

And her wonderful programs!


Tune in next time for… Wedding Music and Hair!


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