We’re starting to put an address list together. If you want a postcard from us, email us with your address so we can send you one! We love getting postcards from different places, so we will definitely send you one if you want one. If you think we already have your address, you can just comment and let us know.


In other news, my dad, one of his grad students, another professor from NMU, and that professor’s family are on their way to Austria for a conference. They were supposed to fly out of Marquette on Sunday morning, but that flight got canceled because of the massive snowstorm we have. They were re-booked for the next flight (5:30), which was also canceled. So they drove to Escanaba (about an hour away) to catch a flight this morning, which was also canceled. My dad also got hacked by the Delta gremlin and for some reason the only flight on his itinerary was from Chicago to Atlanta. I feel like I’m missing one more canceled flight… but anyway, we drove down to Escanaba this afternoon so we could drive another car home. They got their tickets. They checked their bags. The sky was clear. They were so close… then they were delayed. We decided to drive back home so we would get there before it got dark. About five minutes after we got home, I got a call from my dad saying they were canceled again. Now they’re on their way to Milwaukee to catch another flight… hopefully. If you weren’t keeping score, that’s FIVE canceled flights. Luckily, the airlines is paying for a car to get them to Milwaukee, their hotel rooms tonight, and they get a $100 voucher. Seriously. Hopefully they’ll get there tomorrow and my padre will have some skiing time!


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  1. Lexi

    Hey Salem and Loren I would love to get a postcard from you. I’ve started a collection of postcards from friends from all over the country and world. You have my home address from your wedding and you can send it there. I hope you guys have an awesome time and learn a lot.

    December 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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