We bought our tickets! We are officially leaving on January 6th and we’re getting back on April 19th.

Can’t wait to go from this:

to this:


On another note, I finished my my methods last week and Loren graduated this weekend. It’s been an emotional weekend with all of our friends going home, graduation, and us getting ready to leave, but it was all worth it! Loren’s parents were up this weekend and I got to walk in graduation with him, so that was really exciting! Here’s some pictures from the last weekend. 🙂

Here’s most of the future elementary teachers out for breakfast after our last final!

Here’s our group from our block minus Ben. We had a good time this semester!

Here’s Loren and Me with his parents and sister at his education major graduation reception.

And Loren and me with my parents at graduation. My dad took off his faculty gown before we could get the picture taken, but he jumped up after we got our diplomas and gave us hugs. 🙂

At church this morning, Loren got some graduation presents. It’s good to see how much people here love him, but we realized we’re only going to be at our church once more before we leave, which is really sad.


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