Getting Ready!

We’re buying our plane tickets sometime this week!

That’s scary! We leave in a month! Lots of exclamation points!

I finally got to talk to my teacher. She seems really nice. I’ll have a class size of (wait for it……) 15 students! I’m going to be so spoiled. So now it’s just a lot of meetings and finishing up finals week. Loren has two days left of his student teaching and he graduates on Saturday. I “graduate” on Saturday. I’m excited that we’re walking together. And then the families only have to go to one graduation instead of two. Those things are boring!

I have my financial aid meeting on Wednesday. I hope they don’t hate me since I haven’t filled out a FAFSA in 3 years… oops. Then I have to schedule a travel health appointment. That means shots. And crying. And kicking. I don’t do well with shots. But at least I won’t get malaria!

Basically this whole post is me procrastinating from doing my reflection papers, but I thought I’d update and let everyone know what’s going on. Don’t worry, there will be a really exciting post about my packing list later!



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