First Post!

So here we are… waiting. We got an email about a week ago saying there were no placements available in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we originally wanted to go, but there were spots in five other countries, so we chose Guatemala! We’re really excited and hopefully we’ll know officially by next week if we’re for sure going and what grade Salem will be teaching. Yay!

So now we’re unpacking wedding gifts (still!), getting rid of things that we don’t need or that will be replaced by wedding gifts, and trying to finish the semester. It’s pretty busy.

Luckily, a friend of Salem’s parents retired a few years ago and has been living in Guatemala and sailing around Central America. He’s been helping us out with apartment ideas, things to do, and giving us general information about the country and the city we’ll be in, which is Antigua. We’ve been told it’s really nice and the average temperature is 70 degrees year round! We can’t wait for February when Marquette is covered in snow and slush and we’ll be in our second month of amazing weather!

Here are some pictures we found of Antigua. Now you can see why we can’t wait to go!


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